Earthquake. Thoughts in Tokyo

In my town in Tokyo, March 14th Rolling blackouts will start. Area 3 will be 12:20 to 16:00. Following, key points now I thought about this disaster.
  • Scale disaster because all this complaining and complaining at the moment, if you do not have accountability. There is nonsense to even complain to the disaster, and they raise one’s voice is a man-made later.
  • The government also engineers and companies, I think that everyone is doing their best. The result was a mistake, as all things are that different from having to deal with the unprecedented situation of who is doing it by touch. Individuals can only do my best.
  • I am proud of not becoming of people the panic. The pride will become the living and rebuilding.
  • Support from all over the world very happy. Thank you !
  • Fear of radiation is the best in the world, a strong Japanese. Likely to panic and lack of information is most relevant when the overlap of this activity. It is important to overcome it.
  • If you cannot believe the government and the company, I want to say. You are also safe until media and the main government official escape. There is being sure not to stay on in the dangerous neighborhood they are to think only about own attempt to save one’s own neck by people as you believe irresponsible.
  • Do not forget the humor at all times. Black humor also OK! Mood argue about silly refrain big favor. Cool idea & Warm Illustration by inoue takehiko is here !
  • Shocking footage already seen. TV should show us tips, good music, broadcasting your daily laugh. Opportunity to broadcast that content to not worry about ratings now.
カテゴリー: コラム, 地震 タグ: パーマリンク



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